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It’s time to take charge of your career. These are the tools that empower so you can get to where you want to go.


CONSCIOUS CAREER TRANSITION: Behavioral research suggests that the most effective people are those who understand themselves, both their strengths and weaknesses, so they can develop strategies to meet the demands of their environment.

How do you respond to problems and challenges?

How do you influence others to your point of view?

How do you respond to the pace of the environment?

How do you respond to rules and procedures set by others?

Charlene Wilson brings 20+ years of of training, experience, and results to help you find your calling. Using proven tools and frameworks as the foundation, her coaching is tailored for you on the individual basis of your personality, skill set, and goals.

Using the assessment tool and proven coaching strategies, together we create a plan for success based on who you are, the best place for you to be and the teams that will allow you to thrive! It is time for you to have the career that you want, doing the work that you want to be doing and earning the income that you deserve.




IS THIS FOR YOU? This coaching package is ideal for those making a career shift –> either because you want a new job or you want to excel in your current career path. Find out what is the best job for your strengths, the management styles that allow you to succeed and the ideal environment for you to flourish.

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Sample Coaching Program

E N G A G E ! It is time to Engage Your Life!

Coaching Goals

To support people in career transition and working professionals to fully utilize their strengths and create a plan for success that leads to career fulfillment. Engage Your Life Coaching provides clients with the confidence and clarity they need to take their career where THEY want it to go.

Coaching Elements

Confidence: We create a dynamic experience that provides individuals with the opportunity to explore and claim ownership of their skills, strengths and talents. We believe that confidence propels individuals toward success: if you believe you can do it, you will!

Clarity: We foster a creative space for participants to create connections among their core values, skills, strengths, talents and passion. This clarity allows participants to begin to develop strategic plans of action, as well as applicable tools such as resume, cover letter, and elevator pitch.

Leadership: We believe that confidence and clarity empower individuals to take a proactive approach toward creating their compelling career and life advantage.

This coaching package includes: A 30-page workbook, 1 online assessment test and 3 coaching sessions.

Make this the most successful transition of your life!


My Experience with ENGAGE has been phenomenal.  This economy couldn’t be worse for someone a few years out of college and without any long-term experience in the job market.  I had the opportunity to interview at Facebook, and it was on very short notice!  Luckily ENGAGE was completely flexible and took time to accommodate my time needs.

When I sat down with Charlene Wilson, I felt completely unprepared for my interview.  By the time I was done, not only did I feel prepared for this, but ANY interview I might ever have.  I also affirmed several long-term career goals in the process.  That’s because Char helped me dispel fears and insecurities I have about myself and job interviews and replaced them with a real sense of my knowledge, skills, and abilities.

This left me with a tremendous amount of confidence in time for interview, what I was really shocked about was how my time with Char/ENGAGE really prepared me to answer even the most difficult questions posed.  I attribute this to their ability to look at the core of what an interview really is and prepare you for that.  By the time I completed my interview process I had been considered for two different opportunities and was actually promoted in rank by the time I received an offer.  I can honestly say that this wouldn’t have happened without the expert intervention of Charlene Wilson and ENGAGE.

Brandon Bellah- Facebook

IS THIS FOR YOU? This coaching package is ideal for those re-entering the job market after time off or for those who are fresh to the game –>  Find out what is the best job for your strengths, define your marketable skills, build your resume and create a “marketing pitch” that allows you to talk about yourself in a way that turns an interview into a new job.